Let’s see if you’re clever enough to find the solution to this tricky math problem

In school, we all learnt math. Many were smarter than some, but most still got to learn the basics. Some people in university have started to study more advanced mathematics, but most of us have stopped after high school.

I am pleased with the math I studied in high school, which is still a strong basis on which to build myself. Yet I think it got a little frustrating when letters and tricky formulae began to turn up.

Understanding the four basic arithmetic operations-addition , subtraction , multiplication, and division-is generally appropriate for daily life.
There are, of course, always those looking for a new impossible equation, problem, or challenge that we mortals are happy to ignore.

Most people get it wrong

Around the same time, when you don't practice even the most basic maths can be forgotten. With that in mind, I thought for a second we could leave the regular puzzles aside to try to refresh the basic skills you learned back in school.

Remembering the order of operations while also having a strong eye for detail is important to this issue. It's not an easy job – and most people get it wrong on their first try according to most websites online.
Can you come up with a solution?


Time to use that head of yours.

Yeah, it’s actually not that simple, but as I said, not even 50% get it right at first.

Here is the solution

Below we’ll show you the answer.

Make sure you have a number in mind before seeing the result after this picture!


The Answer is 30.

You get this if you see that there is no indication between the ones at the end of each row and the one next.
But they're 11s, basically.

In the last line the "1 x 0" is 0. Multiplication must always be overcome in the absence of parentheses before inclusion.

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