Most Americans can’t do it: Let’s see if you’re able to find the cat hiding in this picture

Optical illusions, optical puzzles, puzzles to locate, picture puzzles to cover, they have many names. From its very beginnings, these Where-is-Waldo style puzzles have fascinated humanity. 

A hiding picture puzzle is too complex an image for the eye to fully understand. All may seem normal at first glance, but the longer you look, the more you realize that something is different. 

The differences may vary, ranging from a minor detail to a new type. And yet, much of the time, the outcome would be a completely different concept. 

That is perhaps why tests such as the one below have been popular for generations.

Can you find the cat?

Here comes the challenge today. 

We can see a picture of a fence below. It is red and looks like a traditional fence in the nordic style. 

But there is a little cat hiding somewhere on the frame. 

Can you figure it out?

Look closely. Not everybody in this picture can locate the kitten, at least not on their first attempt. 

Or put it another way, it is not easy.

The cat is here

If you have found the cat, then congratulations! You 're one of the few people who find it all by themselves. 

If not, no worries, the picture below will show you the correct answer.

Yeah, the cat is in there! Such a cute and sly cat, the little devil 's face is noticeable between the planks. 

The person who took that picture at the perfect moment did it! 

So pretty sweet! It is like trying to conceal the little rascal in plain sight. 

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