Most people are wrong with this challenge-but do you know the correct answer?

Summer holidays are upon us! Have time spending your days doing whatever you want. You are free to do so whether you feel like sleeping in, taking a stroll or just sitting on the couch. 

Nevertheless, with the current pandemic, you have to be vigilant if you go on a trip with your kids, try open spaces like the beach and keep your distance. Always wear a mask if you choose to use public transport to keep yourself and others secure. 

Regardless of where you're spending your free time, solving some brainteasers is enjoyable. The most essential muscle in the body you enjoy yourself and exercise. It's like having to hit two birds with one stone.

It may not sound like this, but the fact is that troubleshooting sharpens the brain and allows you to focus-it does wonders for your wellbeing. We have heard about how necessary it is to keep the mind in shape. 

It doesn't matter how complicated the problem you solve, the crucial thing is that you challenge yourself. 

Resolve the challenge

The challenge that you'll see below has become very popular recently – and it's anything but simple. 

It is therefore essential to concentrate your senses and think carefully about them.

Make them into six matches

Here comes the puzzle today. As we can see, the image below shows 3 matches. 

The challenge: make them six – without any of the matches breaking down.

Can you cope with that challenge? If not: take your time before giving up, and think about it for a while. 

Know you do not need to interrupt any of the matches. 

No worries if you can't solve it, you can see the correct answer below. 

Here's the fix

It was certainly quite a difficult puzzle? Lots of people go crazy trying to solve it, maybe that's why it has gained so much online popularity. 

The solution comes from here. 

Who'd have thought?! You make a V of the first two matches, and that becomes VI, the number six in Roman numerals! 

Have you just got it right? Congratulations on the point!

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