None Of My Colleagues Came Even Close: How Many Faces Can You Find In This Picture?

When life is busy, sitting down and taking a break is a smart idea. It's very helpful to take some time off and relax and calm yourself – for me the best way to clear my mind is to sit in a quiet position and solve a few brainteasers.

This provides a different stimulation to my brain than, for example, spending the entire day sitting in front of a laptop or watching TV at home. It's never wrong to exercise your mind, I find it hard to see a drawback in solving mind puzzles. In addition, it is fun to challenge yourself with various tests and challenges!

I have been quite a resourceful grandparent with the new situation at COVID-19. I make a large coffee pot every Thursday, and then sit down and call my grand-children via Skype or Facetime. We share with each other a couple of puzzles that we found online, which is a great bonding experience. This also meets our deep desire for rivalry. That is such a fun way to get around the present situation. By comparison, I wouldn't mind seeing them face to face again!

It's best to get all comfortable on your sofa to solve some crossword puzzles or sudoku. Yet you don't have to confine yourself to the issues that come up in magazines and newspapers today. There are lots of puzzles waiting for you online.

How many faces can you see?

The puzzle you’ll see below has been circulating online for a long time. Many people tear their hair out every day trying to solve it.

It’s anything but simple, so it’s essential to focus. However, if you relax and pay attention, you should have no problems solving it.

Here comes the challenge.

Examples of this can be visual illusions, both thrilling as well as confounding. I found one I think was pretty cool earlier this week. I think this is a good level of difficulty. Simple to get going but very hard to solve. The aim is to find out how many faces are hiding inside the next picture.

Here is the picture.

Let's start immediately-how many faces can you find?

Yeah, this was a bit challenging, wasn’t it?

Here is the correct answer

Did you find it? Congratulations to you in that case!

If not, here’s the solution so you can check!

This illusion has generated many discussions online because people can’t reach an agreement on what the answer is. I found 6 faces on my first try, but the most common answer – and according to several sites, the correct one – is 7 faces. One of the things that many seem to miss is the face in the hair to the right.

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