Optical illusions: In these tricky videos, most Americans can not see the cat

The optical illusions are something that has intrigued mankind since its inception. Curiosity is one of our most important devices, and items that test it get attention easily, regardless of their complexity.

Untrained eyes can find it difficult to keep up with them. At first sight, these kinds of photos are built to trick us. And the information that show the true significance of the image may be difficult to discover.

Now let's see if two of these so-called visual puzzles can be solved – both of which contain cats!

Do you like daily checking on yourself? Perhaps by solving puzzles like optical illusions, riddles or even newspaper Sudoku? Such stuff can be incredibly enjoyable – and when you conquer a obstacle on your own, you get a huge boost of confidence.

Optical Illusions: You can locate the cat?

Two visual puzzles recently took the network by storm. You may claim the explanation is that, when made, they were not meant to be optical illusions. Nevertheless, the effect of camouflage was so incredible that they obviously went viral. Several species are surprisingly capable of becoming one with their surroundings.

Our first challenge, which prompted thousands of people to pull their hair out, is a picture of what would appear to be an empty story. On the backdrop you see a large lawn, a walkway, a building and a big pile of boards.

However a cat is hiding somewhere in this photo.

Your mission, that most people struggle to find, is to find it. Can you, in 20 seconds, do that?

Wasn't that easy, huh?

Many of you probably find the cat right away with a clear eye for detail – but for others, it's quite a difficult challenge.

Only decide where the kitten can be hard to look for.

Underneath you may still see where the little devil is.

It's back! Well camouflaged in the grazing wild.

Second challenge-Double or nothing

The next puzzle has the same target-but now it 's a new cat and another picture. This time, the stone wall is concealed somewhere, surrounded by greenery.

Can the kitten be identified within 20 seconds? I dare say this picture is much more complicated than the last one.

Why did it work out? You believe the tricker this one was?

I would be very impressed if you managed to locate the cat right away. Before I realized where this kitty was, I had to cheat and test the answer.

Do not worry, we'll show you the answer below.

There they are, the cutie-pie! Well camouflaged on top of the building, within the bushes. Even now you know the answer to that, it’s not that simple to see them.

Did you find any of the cats? Then press that share button below to see if your friends are up to the challenge!

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