The challenge facing us today: Which dogs stand out from the rest?

I'm still up to some form of brain teasing. Especially now that technology is doing everything it can for us.

Sitting with puzzles and riddles will also help me to clear my mind and freshen it up. It's a perfect way to relax over the weekend and clear your mind off the usual daily problems.

So I thought I'd give you a fun challenge – which seems to be very easy, because it can be solved by just a few people.

Some of the greatest challenges for me with the new situation at COVID-19 is not being able to meet or be visited by relatives.

We have to use Facetime or Skype to see my grandchildren whenever I want. We 're both sitting down to catch up and see how things work out. One of our favorites to do is to find some puzzles to solve. It can really be a riddle, a math problem, or any sort of challenge.

We usually find something that suits everybody – and it's always an enjoyable and fun moment!

What dogs are standing out?

Exercising our brains regularly is important for our wellness. Especially now, when we're at home or at work all day. So I think shifting those brain cells with a nice 'ol brainteaser can be helpful.

I wanted to show you the puzzle I came across the other day when I was browsing the net. It is effortless in its nature, making finding the right answer all the more difficult. I couldn't do it myself, but I think you’re a lot cleverer!

You can see an illustration of 8 puppies. The problem is which one, or which, somehow stands out from the rest. Is it just one, probably two, or perhaps more? Now carefully research the photo, and then we'll be going through the right solution together!

Was that fast, or hard?

You've through noticed more than one that stands out. And maybe more than one do.

Time to test the answer

However, when I figured out what the right answer was, I was shocked-do you know?

The correct answer is that all 8 dogs are different from the rest.

All doggies lack – or have – some detail that makes them different from the other 7.

Here are the solutions for 2, 6, and 8, for example.

A toe line is missing from his left front paw for number 2, a line under the nose of number 6, and a little fur on top of number 8’s head.

Small details – but who said it was gonna be easy?

Did you find at least 3 dogs that stand out from the rest? Then I think you did a great job!

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