The question that puzzles thousands of people: Which of those "women" is a man?

Not everybody has a keen eye for detail-some people are much better at finding little details that usually miss the rest of us.

Which kind of glasses a friend wears, the birthday of which is today, the significant event that everybody else has missed and all kinds of things. This can be helpful from time to time to maintain a clear memory and attention to detail.

So if you still have a poor memory or miss out on important information, don't worry. You should practice your muscle memory.

Through solving brainteasers, like the one below, you can train the brain to process information more quickly. This is a fun and calming way of being a more attentive person.

Now time to see if the tricky puzzle can be done!

Which one is like a man?

We can see three females in the image below. Or more like, two ladies.

Each of those three is a man dressed as a woman.

Can you guess which woman isn't? Here's the picture.

You see it, do you? Look fine. Look good.

None of this? One little hint we can give you is that it happens that the revealing information is above the shoulders.

Here is a reply

Do you have a ready answer? If not, you should think of one, because you will see the correct answer below in the picture.

Are you ready? Here is an answer.

The man's in there, number two!

What do we know? Okay, as we look at the number two person 's face, we can see that he has Adam's apple.

there it is!

Did you solve it yourself? In any event, Thanks!

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