Wife tries something unusual to enlarge her bosom, soon paramedics arrive at the scene

Women and men alike are constantly bombarded with ads telling us how we should look. These perfect models are setting unrealistic expectations that normal people can rarely achieve. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way – something the husband in this story should take to heart!

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A guy, tired of his wife telling him how she looks, buys a full-length mirror for her. It does nothing to help though because she is now standing just in front of the mirror, staring at herself, telling him how she looks.

And the husband comes up with an idea, "If you want your breasts to grow larger, then take a piece of toilet paper every day, and rub it for a few seconds between your breasts."

Getting paper
The wife fetches a piece of toilet paper to try something. And then again she stands in front of the mirror, rubbing paper between her breasts this time.

"How long will it take? "We are asking.

"Over the years they'll get slightly bigger every day, "he replies.

Woman stops, turns to him and asks, "Wait, why do you think that rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts would make my breasts expand over the years every day? "

Husband shrugging. "Why not, it has worked for your butt, has it not? "

Man barely survived – and after some physical therapy, one day he could walk again ...

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